Inspiring one another
The Elysee Group of companies is a professional organization of accountants, consultants and tax advisers. We offer our services to national and international clients in the SME segment. Our organization was established in 2005 and was motivated by the idea that financial services should not be an end in themselves; instead they are an instrument that can help you manage your business and achieve success. For this — your success — is what matters to us and determines everything we say and do.

Being part of your business world
This is only possible if we are right next to you and are involved on a daily basis in the world in which you do business and the choices you make. We find this process both fascinating and challenging. It challenges us to keep track of what is going on in your market and to proactively take targeted action where necessary. We enjoy the frequent contacts with our clients and we are aware that this means the quality of our services depends very much on the individual professionals. To safeguard this quality, we have developed a permanent process of continual monitoring and improvement.

Good performance that is infectious
Our aim is to create room for growth and provide opportunities that unite business and personal objectives. We believe in collaboration, inspiring one another, being energized by personal victories and investing energy in personal contacts. That is what Elysee is all about: doing the things you enjoy and that give you satisfaction, resulting in good performance that is infectious.

We have changed accountancy from a service to an experience. We have achieved this by leaving the traditional way of thinking behind us and to count only the moments of contact with our clients and not our internal productivity anymore.

Our team

Alco van de Bree AA RV Owner
Wieke Kaizer-ter Berg AA Partner
Henk van Zijtveld AA Accountant
Constantijn de Boer MSc Consultant
Jeanet van de Meent-van Ginkel salary administrator
René van Hell Account manager
Niels van den Brink Account manager
Marianne Hovestad Administrator
Tim Methorst Account manager
Akin Bakici Account manager
Neslihan Gülec Secretary
Patrick Boeters Tax advisor
Tamara Meeuwsen Administrator
Mandy van Ginkel Secretary
Laura van den Heuvel Secretary