Foundation 4 Life

Elysee has been closely involved with Foundation 4 Life for some years now. This development organisation supports single-parent families in Kenya. These are families without a father, sometimes because he deserted them, but usually because he has died. AIDS is a big problem in Kenya, as is poverty. The families Foundation 4 Life aims to help are among the very poorest (with monthly incomes of less than EUR 20). These are families whose lives are dominated by the struggle to survive, in part because the mother often has the HIV virus herself.

In the foundation’s early years, Alco van de Bree helped give shape to the organisation as one of its board members and to its projects in Kibera, a slum in Nairobi. Alco is still closely involved in an informal capacity and Elysee sponsors the foundation and some of its individual projects. To give an example, Elysee has funded the construction of a new primary school in Kibera together with loyal friends.


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