Barts Bart Koene - Owner

After having worked with a bookkeeper for my financial matters, I outgrew this construction both as a person and with my company. What was next? Because of the buy-out of my business partner I got in touch with Elysee. And that turned out to be a match, for 10 years now! Barts has become a broader organization that needs more professional assistance. In many fields, the cooperation with Elysee has been good and has helped me to come to where me and my company are now. The bookkeeper is far too small for who we are now, but a bigger firm would not fit either. Elysee is perfect for us.

Picnic Joris Beckers - Founder

I love working with Elysee, because they are committed and practical accountants with a hands-on mentality and they are a good alternative to the bigger accounting firms. Every request is handled expeditiously and with a positive “can do” attitude. Furthermore, the good automation at Elysee facilitates a cost-efficient process. We are a very satisfied client.

Mconomy Chang Ng - Owner

The cooperation with Elysee is special. Professional with a personal approach. Even complex issues are made simple. They really want to add value and are never looking to write as many hours as possible. Elysee thinks along with me as an entrepreneur very well.

Greenvis Frits Duursma - Owner

Elysee has helped Greenvis grow both in size and in professionality. Elysee is a reliable partner in accounting and an experienced advisor in mergers and acquisitions. I think the combination of a personal bond and the quality of the services is a remarkable one.

Mister mindset Michael Pilarczyk - Owner

Elysee has taken care of my finances and advisory work for my companies for over 10 years. Especially the personal attention, the professional advice and the mutual trust are an important added value in our relationship. Together we always come up with inventive solutions because of which my financial matters are organized optimally.

Donk Industries Erik Donk - Owner

The cooperation with Elysee goes further to us than the audit work, which is always carried out professionally and fits our company excellently. Especially the advice and support that a family company like ours needs on a business level and on a private level, both financially and organizationally, makes Elysee the right partner for us.

Burgman Security Koos Burgman - Founder

Elysee has taken care of our financial statements and fiscal issues for years. They have always done this with short communication lines and a personal approach. Recently, Elysee has supported me in the process of selling my company to a foreign buyer. They have taken the entire process off my hands and worked towards a good deal. The way Elysee’s team of professionals took care of this process has left me with a good feeling.

VBJ architectuur en bouwmanagement Ton van den Heuvel

Switching accountant is a decision that you don’t take easily. However, the decision to switch to Elysee is a decision I should have taken sooner.

Mé-doc Emile Flinkenflögel

I have worked pleasantly with Elysee for 10 years now. The personal interest and the good alignment of the financials that follows from this personal interest are the perfect combination of cooperation and professionality. Because of this, every challenge is handled well together and this gives me a lot of confidence for the future.

Brands Love People Mathijs Heijting

'If a collaboration lasts for over 10 years, this says a lot about how you think about a company. Elysee is a reliable financial partner to us. They are pragmatic and solution-oriented. Whether we are talking about tax returns, fiscal issues or takeovers, I like to be advised by Elysee. Not only based on their knowledge, but above all based on their personal commitment. Onwards towards the next 10 years of collaboration!'

Pure Professionals Marc Reinoud

'After having worked “with” a big accountancy firm for years, I decided to change to Elysee with the wish to actually cooperate with my accountant. Elysee has absolutely succeeded in this, the communication with Elysee is personal and geared towards your specific situation and needs. Elysee’s employees are always prepared and well-informed about the current affairs of their client. The additional benefit of Elysee is that they have a large network in which they can find any specific knowledge that they may not have in-house. I am very satisfied with our cooperation.'