Complaints procedure 

Complaints procedure

Our office has a complaints procedure. In the event of unexpected complaints, you can contact the management via the secretariat, Alco van de Bree AA RV or Wieke Kaizer-ter Berg AA. In general, a complaint will be processed within five working days. If this takes longer due to circumstances, you will always receive a message. You can also email to [email protected].

Whistleblower Policy

Pursuant to Article 27 of the Accountancy Organizations Regulation (VAO), Elysee Accountants must have a Whistleblower Policy. Art. 27 VAO reads:
The audit firm has an arrangement that guarantees that persons from outside the audit firm and persons employed by or associated with it can raise alleged irregularities within or (partly) outside the audit firm without endangering their legal position. This arrangement means that complaints are recorded, treated confidentially and in a timely manner and that the irregularities complained of, if justified, are dealt with in a timely manner by taking appropriate measures by the audit firm.
The regulation referred to in the first paragraph will in any case be placed on the website of the audit firm. In the event that an audit firm does not have a website, it will distribute these regulations in a different manner within the audit firm and, upon request, will send these regulations to persons outside the audit firm.

Article 1. Definitions

– Reporter: the person who, whether or not employed by Elysee Accountants, performs work for Elysee Accountants and reports an Abuse under these regulations;
– Elysee Accountants: Elysee Accountants BV and all organizations belonging to the network, including Elysee Belastingadviseurs and Elysee Loonservice.
– Confidential adviser: the Compliance Officer of Elysee Accountants;
– Board: the board of Elysee Accountants;
– An Abuse: a suspicion based on reasonable grounds with regard to Elysee Accountants and/or its employees, in connection with:
a. an (imminent) criminal offense;
b. an (imminent) violation of laws or regulations;
c. a (threat of) deliberate misinformation;
d. an (imminent) violation of the rules (of conduct) applicable within Elysee Accountants or
e. (a threat of) destroying or manipulating information about the aforementioned facts.

Article 2. Procedure

The Reporter reports a Misconduct to the Confidential Adviser, in writing or by e-mail. At the same time, the Reporter can also report to his superior.

The Confidential Advisor records the report and confirms to the Reporter within five working days that the report has been received. The Confidential Advisor will immediately inform the Board of the report, unless the Misconduct concerns a member of the Board (see paragraph 5).

The Confidential Adviser guarantees the anonymity of the Reporter at all times, unless the Reporter releases the Confidential Adviser from this obligation in writing.

Immediately upon receipt, the Board will initiate an investigation into the Misconduct or have it initiated.

If the Misconduct concerns a member of the board, the Confidential Advisor will initiate an investigation into the Misconduct or have it initiated.

Article 3. Time limits

Within a period of eight weeks from the moment of registration of the report in accordance with Article 2 paragraph 2, the Confidential Advisor will be informed in writing by or on behalf of the Board of the Board's position regarding the Abuse as well as of the measures to be taken or already taken. measures.

If it is not possible to state the standpoint within the term referred to in the first paragraph, the Board will inform the Confidential Advisor of this in good time and state the term within which a standpoint will be given after all.

In the case of Article 2, paragraph 5, the Confidential Advisor will formulate a point of view (or have it formulated).

The Confidential Advisor immediately informs the Reporter of the position.

Article 4. Legal protection

The Board (or the Confidential Advisor) ensures that the Reporter who has reported an Abuse in good faith and in accordance with these regulations is not disadvantaged in any way in his position.
If a Reporter has made the report in a manner other than in accordance with these regulations or has publicized it directly or via third parties, he may be charged for this.

Article 5. Operation and publication

These regulations come into effect on 1 January 2015. The regulations can be amended by the Board.

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