Work hard play hard!

Elysee stands for experience and excellent service. We relieve our customers of worries and deliver continuous quality. That is only possible if your team consists of winners.

The balance between the daily workload, deadlines, substantive and challenging assignments and, on the other hand, sufficient freedom, inspiration and, above all, fun with each other, is an important pillar in working at Elysee.

We therefore structurally surprise our employees with 'Champs Elysee': an energetic annual program in which we share unique experiences with each other and structurally add experience to our daily working environment.

This makes working at Elysee even more fun! 

Daily, weekly

Every time again

The Champs Elysee program has unique one-off experiences, but also fun activities and perks that come back again and again. Enjoy a healthy smoothie, our VrijMiBo with BBQ, or a 'sweet treat' and train it all off during a bootcamp session with our Spotify playlist in the background.

Champs Elysee
program 2024/2025

August 29, 2024

Concours de saveur

The rally for those with exceptional taste

'Saveur' is the French word for taste. Add unique cars to that and you have 'Concours de Saveur'. On August 29, Elysee will again be a partner of the Concours de Saveur rally. Another beautiful route has been mapped out through the middle of the Netherlands with special start, lunch and dinner locations. A number of our relations will be invited to this exclusive rally and some managers whose customers are participating can also attend the closing dinner. A wonderful opportunity for relationship bonding. 

September 28 and 29, 2024

Team weekend

Champs Elysee

The last weekend of September is dedicated to the Champs Elysee team weekend. This year we will travel to Dordrecht and Breda. 

It promises to be a weekend with team building activities, good food and drinks and viewing a special part of the Netherlands. 

When we return home on Sunday evening, we hope to have made lifelong memories. 

October 2024

Utrecht Landscape Foundation

Afternoon helping a ranger

This year Elysee became a friend and sponsor of the Utrecht Landscape Foundation. This foundation is committed to the management and conservation of the beautiful nature reserves in the province. In addition to offering our help through a financial contribution, we will also make ourselves socially useful in October by spending an afternoon with the forester helping with the maintenance of the landscape. It promises to be a tough but fascinating afternoon, which will end with beer and bitterballen, after we have of course washed our black hands first.

November 2024

Champs men and women outing

Going out together

It's time to launch the Champs men's and women's outing. We obviously enjoy going out together, but without the opposite sex there is always a little more fun ;-). We have already had a taste of this in Brighton, but now it is really official and we certainly don't want to meet each other again! Only the stories may be shared with each other afterwards.

December 2024

Traditional Christmas dinner

Decidedly informal and pleasant

On Thursday 19 or Friday 20 December we will end the year with a traditional Christmas dinner. The details of this are not yet fully known, but we may well celebrate this together at the office again this year. Private, informal and above all pleasant, as we have experienced together before.

February 2025

A peek into the kitchen of...

The Brownie Box

In February we will go on a company visit to The Brownie Box. Natascha to Nijenhuis worked for us as a tax specialist and closed her law book one day, saying that she had had enough and would like to start making Brownies. We almost all know the result by now. Natascha started small with 6 orders per day and now bakes more than 1 million brownies per year with her team. Obviously we won't leave empty handed...

March 2025

Elysee family event

Do you consider yourself rich?

In March, for the first time in years, an Elysee family meeting is planned for the first time in years, by popular request. Together with our partners and children, we will travel to a bowling alley to compete for the Elysee bowling trophy and the Champs Elysee bowling King and Queen. Naturally, we will provide the necessary entertainment for young and old, tasty snacks and gourmet food together afterwards!

April 2025

Champs Elysee theater visit

A show to remember

In April we will experience a bit of culture together again by planning an evening at the theater together. We will enjoy a show with humor or music and of course we will eat a pizza together beforehand.

June 2025

Season closing

of the accounting year

At the end of June we will traditionally close the accountancy year with a pleasant seasonal closing to thank you all again for the hard work and fantastic service to our clients. The theme in its implementation will remain a surprise for a while.

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Work hard play hard!

Come and enjoy working at Elysee!

We structurally surprise our employees with 'Champs Elysee': an energetic annual program in which we share unique experiences with each other and structurally add experience to our daily working environment.