Elysee Corporate Finance is specialised in giving companies advice and assistance in acquisitions and sales, management buyouts and buy-ins, employee share ownership and financing questions.

Close by every day. These four words epitomise our approach and our people. The transactions we assist in are never purely rational: your passion for your business is also important.

That is why we stay closely involved, every single day.

For we aim to be fully attuned to your situation. Which is why a ‘day’ is a broad concept in our firm because you do not necessarily get a good result by only working from nine to five.

Our experienced, highly qualified team will guide you through the acquisition, sale, financing and valuation of your company. We respond fast to changing circumstances, without ever losing sight of the ultimate goal. Welcome to the Elysee Group.

Our team

Alco van de Bree Owner
Stefan Matel Advisor
Daniël van Surksum Junior advisor
Mirella Koymans Officemanager